Waste Pro in Winter Park/Maitland/Casselberry

The cities of Winter Park, Maitland and Casselberry, Florida, make up what is considered to be three of the oldest and best maintained parts of the Orlando metropolitan area. Their charming, calm, rich atmosphere and beautiful architecture play off their lovely natural surroundings well. Located just to the north of Orlando, these cities are must see locations for art, architecture, and food enthusiasts in Central Florida.

We provide Winter Park Dumpster Rental as it has many claims to fame, from being the home of the Morse family and Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood to Rollins College, one of the South’s premier private colleges. Rollins and Winter Park have a close relationship with each other, dating from the college’s birth in 1885. Rollins is currently in the process of building a new hotel, The Alfond Inn, which both the City of Winter Park and Rollins College are very excited about. Winter Park also boasts Park Ave., which is home to dozens of small boutiques, small, cozy restaurants, and quaint architecture. Along Park Ave. you can find everything from the Morse Museum to The Briar Patch Restaurant to St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church. There is so much to see and do in Winter Park, and Waste Pro is proud to provide dumpster rental services in this beautiful city.

If Winter Park is the epitome of rich, old elegance in Orlando, then Maitland is the art haven and symbol of reliability in Central Florida. Relatively unchanged over the past several years, during a time which most of Central Florida was growing and changing rapidly, Maitland has maintained its calm, steady atmosphere, while being home to many art shows and studios. This area is a beautiful, artistic part of Central Florida’s many-faceted identity that Waste Pro is proud to be a part of.

We provide Casselberry Dumpster rental as it was founded in 1940 by Hibbard Casselberry, an Illinois businessman who bought the land while he was visiting family in Winter Park. It was founded as a tax-free town, and while it no longer holds that status, it has maintained its simple, small town atmosphere, with the convenience of proximity to a big city like Orlando. Even though Casselberry has defined boundaries, parts of the city are often referred to as Winter Park, Maitland, or Winter Springs, due to Casselberry’s erratic expansions over the years. While Casselberry is often overlooked as a small town in Central Florida, its history and contribution to the Central Florida area are important parts of Greater Orlando’s identity and future. Waste Pro is proud to provide dumpster rentals in this historic city.

Waste Pro recognizes the importance of these three cities to the Central Florida area, and is honored to be part of their history and development. If you live in one of these cities and are looking for a dumpster rental, please contact us at any time. We will be happy to serve you in any way we can.

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